Lucien Magenta, as a member of the elite order of knights known as the “Luciens” is one of the most highly trained fighters in the world. He is known for being aggressive and fearless in battle.
            Born Arthur Constantine, Magenta was brought to the Luciens as a young child by a priest who was rescuing him from being sold into servitude by his family. Magenta was trained and raised under the leadership of Lucien Red.
            As a Lucien, Lucien Magenta is not only only one of the most elite fighters in the world, but also has the latest and best in armor and weapons. Magenta's sword is made of ultra light and virtually indestructible nano-metal that is atomically sharpened. The sword is also electromagnetically “tuned” to cut through force fields.
            Magenta's armor consists of a  power suit, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads and boots. The power suit is thin, skin tight and envelopes his entire body, though appears clear (and virtually invisible) or his face. The suit has nano-pores that allows controlled diffusion of gases so he can breath normally while providing protection from poisonous gases. The suit is flexible, but hardens at the point of any strike making it impervious to bullets. There is also a force field generated over the suit that deflects laser attacks in addition to bullets and strikes.
            Embedded in the suit are enhanced nano muscle fibers that augment his strength and stability. The shoulder pads and helmet provide additional armor and house tactical and communications equipment. The boots allow for jumps beyond the limits of a normal human and for super human running speeds.
             Each Lucien also has computers surgically implanted into their brains that provide enhanced tactical and communications abilities. These computers are also necessary for “tuning” the suits to work seamlessly with each knight. Along certain points of the body are embedded additional suit links that further enhance the sync between suit and wearer.
            Magenta's hobby is AI robot programming. The Luciens don't field an infantry, but instead use robots as a first line of attack or defense.
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